Welcome to my blog! — Portand, Oregon Family Photographer

I’m FINALLY here! It’s unreal! I can’t believe the launch of Erin Elizabeth Photography has finally come to fruition! Though I’ve been taking photographs for years, learning the complicated and often overwhelming ins and outs of aperture, white balance, exposure, and so many other things, it really has been a dream of mine to get here!  It’s scary to dip my toes into the water, as I know there is a pool of very talented and amazing photographers out there. It’s kind of like being the new kid at school, wondering and waiting to see how the first few days will turn out.

If I have learned anything in the past few years, it is that I just have to go for it! It wasn’t until I got a message one day to check thepioneerwoman.com, that it really hit me. MY photo was chosen to show on her site? After thousands of submissions? It almost blew my mind. My mind was then completely blown when it was actually a finalist in her competition. Now, some may argue that this doesn’t hold weight in the professional world. No professional acronym based organization probably ever saw this. More importantly, it holds weight with real people. Wow…these people thought my photo was good enough to win? Mind boggling. I do know that THIS is the reason why I am a photographer. This moment, frozen in time. Nothing fancy, relatively untouched with the exception of a black and white conversion in Lightroom. These moments melt my heart. THIS is what I want my photographs to say.


This past year as I’ve built my portfolio,  I’ve gotten the opportunity to take some beautiful photos of amazing people that I have been truly honored to capture. Of course, photography isn’t just about taking photos (who knew?!) so I’ve been doing some of that “behind the scenes” thing, too! A few times, I thought “Wow, there’s just no way I could make it!” However; after the encouragement and support of some amazing people, I’m HERE!  Because one thing is for certain: my heart lies in photography. It can sometimes consume me and I find myself wrapped up for hours pressing the shutter button or working with Lightroom. My passion is here, so it was ultimately an easy choice to jump in and go for it! It’s been an amazing journey, and I’ve certainly only just begun! So welcome to the OFFICIAL Erin Elizabeth Photography website AND blog! Stay tuned in to catch the latest photos of the amazing people I get to capture, a little bit of rambling from yours truly about my life in Portland, as well as the growth that is inevitable with any profession. I can’t wait to share this journey with you and see where my life through the lens take me!

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