Fall & the Hallett Family – Pacific Northwest Family Photographer

I was a lucky lucky photographer that ended a busy day of beautiful sessions with this favorite DuPont family! It had been way too long since I saw the whole Hallett gang! The adorable trio was starting school that week, so of course we had to do a fun back to school themed photo shoot at the local apple orchard! It was so local that it sat in the middle of a neighborhood! You just have to love the Pacific Northwest! It’s always a blast to photography this family.  The session started with a little silliness, made some room for some apple eating, and ended with the boys rolling down the hill over and over! It was a perfect evening as the sun set beautifully over the Puget Sound. Why yes, I DID make Lisa stop the car, let me out and circle around the block so I could sneak a picture of the amazing Chambers Bay! Welcome to Autumn!


hallett 2 blog

halltt blog 5

hallett 4 blog

hallett 3 blog

The perfect evening to compliment a perfect day for this photographer!

hallett 5 blog

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