My Travel Bug was quite busy this year…

I joke I was born with a passport in my hand. I LOVE to travel. LOVE. I love exploring new places, whether it be the middle of Texas or a completely new continent overseas. To me, there’s nothing like experiencing new places places, scents, and sounds first hand. I am so fortunate that my parents helped instill that love of travel in me early on and that I have been given wonderful opportunities in my lifetime to help quench that need to get out of my comfort zone and into new territory. My travel bad has been getting antsy for the past few years. Due to lack of funds (and time, but mostly funds) I haven’t been doing a ton of traveling, with the exception of a few fabulous trips to my “second home” in Maui-which, don’t get me wrong-IS amazing! Due to a new position at my day job this year, I have gotten to satisfy my crave to travel and then some! I started with a trip to NYC in March, then jetted off to Hong Kong, China and Malaysia in July, and finished the year with a quick jaunt to Turkey, Sweden and England! I can’t belive the amount of miles I’ve racked up in 2014 alone and it’s one of the reasons why I can’t believe how incredible 2014 was! My camera was BUSY this year with not only my wonderful family and couples, but my travels as well, as you KNOW I brought my Canon with me!

I wanted to take you through my travel adventures in a few (or more!) photos. I’ve selected my favorites, which is SO difficult when you’re passion is photography and you’re in such great places, sometimes experiencing a whole new culture and way of life!

In March, I went to New York City with my team. While we were there for work, I did have a night to myself to explore NYC so I took full advantage! I was staying in Chelsea but took the subway down to the Financial District to see the World Trade Towers Memorial. If there is one thing I recommend in New York to see, it is this. I went there just around sunset on a weekday, so it was relatively quiet. It took my breath away in a way that is difficult to describe. So much that has happened in the past 13 years, especially to those close to me, is a result of what took place at this one site. It was a beautiful tribute.

newyork314-10 newyork314-7


A few other favorites from the trip:

newyork314-16 newyork314-19 newyork314-1 newyork314-3


In July, it was time for Hong Kong, China and Penang, Malaysia! All new countries for me as I had never been to Asia! Now, I can’t wait to go back! So, here’s the thing. I took A TON of photos. These are the select few I could cut them down to. To me, I love the every day moments. The local markets, the advertisments, the every day life. Here’s a glimpse of the life I got to capture.

travel photography hong kong 2 travel photography hong kong 3 travel photography hong kong 4

One of my favorites of all of my travels is below. The shadows, the contracts, the lighting. Loved catching this moment.

travel photography hong kong 5

A smoggy Hong Kong sunset from my hotel room.

travel photography hong kong 6 travel photography hong kong 7 travel photography hong kong

Onto Penang, Malaysia. I found it to be like Hawaii and Mexico had a baby and it was Malaysia. SUCH an interesting blend of cultures and 3 major religions (Buddhist, Christianity and Islam) and the people were SO friendly! I think it was a highlight for my whole team.

travel photography penang 1 travel photography penang 2 travel photography penang 3


The food…one of my favorites to see traveling to a new place! Did I partake in it all? Not so much. 🙂 Just behind the giant open air food market was a “pop up” Buddhist temple. It was incredible to see.

travel photography penang 4 travel photography penang 5 travel photography penang 6 travel photography penang


I’ll keep my NEXT set of travel photos to the next post. Too many cities, too many photos… What an AMAZING year!

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