Beaverton Family Photographer – Cooper Mountain

I suddenly panicked today when I realized it’s only 10 months until December and basically Christmas. HOW is it already March?! On the other hand, I’m glad it’s already March because I’m already over the rain for the season and we got some beautiful sunshine today in the PNW, so it got it all excited for some beautiful upcoming sessions I have planned this year! Though I have to say, the session I’m featuring was my kick off session for the year in early January and look at how beautiful the light was at one of my  favorite parks? Proof that even in the middle of winter, we can have some gems that make this photographer very happy! I had a great time with these two! Max is such a sweet little boy who already is curious and wanting to explore! No surprise knowing his mama! I just  adored this mom and son photography session. It’s even more fun knowing he’s a few months older than my own little girl, so t gives me a preview of what to look forward to! Going back through the photos, I smiled when I saw Max’s little tooth as I just discovered TODAY that my little girl has her first tooth popping through! I’m sure it’s going to be a rough few months as more start to show up, but for now it makes me realize how the time flies by. I’m truly learning that the days are long and the years are short and I know this mama is, too. So happy to capture this sweet stage!


beaverton-family-photographer-erin-elizabeth-photography 4

beaverton-family-photographer-erin-elizabeth-photography 5

beaverton-family-photographer-erin-elizabeth-photography 6


beaverton-family-photographer-erin-elizabeth-photography 8


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