Erin Elizabeth Photography: Introducing styling services!

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This week is a BIG week!! Not only do I officially have a ONE year old tomorrow, but I also celebrate the birthday of another baby of mine: my business! Yes folks, it was FIVE years ago this week when I got my official business license and became established as Erin Elizabeth Photography! Excuse me while I go stuff my face full of cake.

I’m so proud of how my business has grown. I love looking back on old photos as I feel as though I have grown so much in the years since I first picked up a camera (well, that was many years before I got my business license) I’m so grateful for all of the people I have met along the way, whether clients or other industry professionals. This business has become a part of my life that now feels like part of my identify and I’m grateful for all of those who have helped carry me along this wild ride!
This past year, I had a few professional goals and one of those was to invest more in professional development (always a goal of mine, so no major surprise) and it was at the Let’s Go Workshop where I had an epiphany. Where could I take my business to the next level, while helping to fulfill my passions?

If you know anything about me, you’ll know that I love shopping. While I (slightly) joke that I’m even happy shopping for lightbulbs at Home Depot, I truly love clothes. I may have a problem, I admit, haha! In fact, part of my “day job” involves planning for what will be in apparel retail stores about 2 years from now, so it involved a good amount of trend spotting and keeping up with retail, along with being knowledgeable about apparel construction. I’m so lucky I get to do two jobs that I truly love and involve my passions!

SO, back to the question: How can I use my passion to help inspire my business? Well, enter the most common question I get from so many clients “WHAT DO I WEAR?” or I hear “UGH, I need to start planning outfits!” Planning family outfits myself, I know it can be stressful! But man, there’s nothing I love more than putting outfits together! I know how time consuming it can be, so I’ve decided to do a few things to help ALL my dear clients by offering a few services to all sessions with me, from engagement to maternity session, from littles to grown ups, I’ve got you covered!
Check out the following styling tools for photo sessions that are a part of all paid client sessions!


1. Style Guide // Not sure where to get started? Well, all of my clients have access to my 6 page Style Guide! This online guide has some great tips and tricks for things to consider when planning a wardrobe for your session. Whether it’s the entire family or just you, this guide has some of the best tips for things to consider in regards to color, the head to toe look, or things you may not have thought about! Easy to access direct from my website!

2. Wardrobe Consultation & Styling Tool // Perhaps THE thing I’m most excited about is that I’ve partnered with this AMAZING tool that helps you figure out a coordinate outfits for up to ten people in your session (if you have more than that, we’ll get it figured out!) and the coolest part? Once you play around with selections to your liking, it emails you the link to buy all the pieces if you choose to! Stores pulled from are reasonably priced stores such as H&M, Zara, Target, Old Navy, Torrid, Modcloth and generally between $10-80, sometimes a few exceptions outside of that, but the best part? It’s up to you to decide and style! It’s SO fun and easy to use. It take the stress out of going to each store individually and wondering “What the heck goes with this beautiful dress I’ve found”.  Once you book a session, you have access to this tool and I send a “how to” guide so you know how to get started! You can either purchase directly from the retailer or use it as a guide for what you want your session to look like.

3. Loaner pieces from Erin // Finally, I have a use for my shopping addiction! I’ve start gathering a few select basic pieces that you can borrow for your session. This is currently fairly limited, but I’ve tried covering kids ages 0-6, and adult (both genders). This is fantastic for “Hey Erin, I was thinking of these pieces for our session, but not sure what the baby should wear!” Or “I just need something for my husband” and voila! The perfect chambray shirt appears! What is great about the Styling Tool is that I can get a copy of what you’re selecting and may have something from my closet to suggest for your session.

I always strive to offer the best customer experience for my clients, so I’m always available via text, email or even a FaceTime call to walk through a wardrobe if you’d like. Here is a great session where I helped this sweet family pull together a beautiful look that popped against the green background, but is still timeless. For this session, we used mom’s beautiful dress (OMG! I need that in my closet!) and then pulled some pieces I had on hand for the boys. I love the classic neutrals with a pop of mustard, so stunning!

So, there you have it! New style aids to help all my amazing clients! Just a fun way to combine what I already love doing and help save you some time and hassle and letting me do the rest of the work. You just show up and we’ll create some magic together!

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